• 6.395 m2

From every spot of the property you can contemplate fascinating places like The Pyrenees, La Creu de Gurb, Sant Sebastià and Cabrerés. In such an impressive environment, we are proud of having our particular natural Eden, a precious treasure that we would like to share with our visitors. We invite you to visit La Mama’s charming open-air corners:


The cottage is surrounded by an amazing garden suitable for walking, running, playing or just gazing, breathing deeply and feeling the peace of the place. Roses, begonias, daisies or pansies are some of the colourful flowers that adorn our garden along with a very extensive meadow, a beautiful grove with birches, white pines, firs, horse chestnuts, Chinese junipers, magnolias, palms, lime trees, aromatic plants and infinity of unique shrubs. From the Sauló, our viewpoint located on top of the pool, you won’t resist to stare at the garden’s panoramic view or Las Agujas and Matagalls Mountains.


We especially recommend going out to the pleasant porch, an intimate and familiar corner perfect to enjoy a good book, a relaxed chat or a long after-dinner. You have a great barbecue that will allow you to taste both the local cuisine and our own fresh and natural products.


Grown with special care, you can taste the completely organic foods of our harvest and the exquisite fruits that grow in the great variety of trees: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, pears, apples, cherries, plums, figs, almonds. Directly from the ground to your baskets, a luxury for the palate with authentic, genuine and absolutely delicious flavours.


Outdoor parking

As soon as you enter, you will be welcomed by our centenary olive tree in this magnificent square, next to the multi-coloured plants and flowers that will take you straightaway to the cottage main door. The Olive Tree Square has a large parking area with capacity for eight vehicles and a comfortable kennel, which is at your entire disposal if you come with your pets.