Regulations for use and safety of the Spa Area

1. We call Spa Area the facilities where the pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym and solarium are located.

2. All persons who make use of the Spa Area will do so at their own risk and responsibility and must follow the Regulations established by La Mama at all times.

In the event that a member of the staff detects behaviour contrary to our regulations, we reserve the right to not allow the use of the Spa Area.

3. A responsible adult must always accompany children under 16 years of age who use the Spa Area.

4. Parents or guardians with minors in their charge must ensure that minors do not access this area without supervision. Please, make sure that you know where the minors in your charge are at all times.

5. It is mandatory to shower before using the pool, Jacuzzi and sauna

6. It is forbidden to jump or dive headfirst into the water, both in the pool and in the Jacuzzi, in order to avoid possible injuries.

7. It is not allowed to run around the edge of the pool and the Jacuzzi.

8. It is strictly forbidden to enter the Spa Area under the influence of alcohol or any medication, stimulant, narcotic or tranquilizer.

9. It is strictly forbidden to enter the Spa Area to those who have wounds, bandages and/or suffer from infectious diseases that endanger the health of other users (skin problems, flu, etc.)

10.It is not allowed to enter the water spaces and the sauna if you suffer from diarrhoea, vomiting or incontinence

11.It is strictly forbidden to contaminate the water in any way.

12.It is not allowed to eat or drink in the water or sauna, as well as to introduce bottles and glass objects in all spaces.

13.It is forbidden the access of pets in the indoor facilities of the Spa Area.

14.People suffering from venous insufficiency, cardiovascular diseases and problems, kidney failure, epilepsy, pregnant women or children are not allowed to use the Jacuzzi and the sauna without their doctor’s prior consent.

15.In the sauna you should place a towel between the bench and the skin to protect it from heat and to absorb perspiration.

16.Do not wear jewellery or metal objects that can damage your skin with heat.

17.It is recommended to take the sauna session in 2 or 3 phases, going out to shower, dry and drink water.

18.At the end of the sauna session, you should take a break before starting another activity.

19. In any case, you must use the facilities respecting the maximum time foreseen for each zone. The maximum recommended time to use the Jacuzzi is 10 minutes.

The maximum recommended time to use the sauna is 10-15 minutes.

If you have difficulty breathing, fatigue or dizziness, leave the sauna and end the session.