Cities of interest and charming towns:

Just 3 km from “La Mama” you’ll find Vic, the capital of Osona region. This is a city rich in contrasts where tradition and modernity perfectly meet together, with an imposing historical centre and a great leisure and commercial activity.

No less fascinating are the towns nearby: Rupit, Santa Maria de Besora, Vidrà, Seva or Alpens. The paths and the magnificent hundred-year-old cottages in Malla, Oris and Sora or the modernist charm of Sant Julià de Vilatorta and Viladrau. These are just some examples of the many places with special appeal that are worth visiting.

Historical & artistic heritage:

Our region witnessed important historical moments that go back to prehistoric times, clearly evident in numerous places: Iberian, Roman and impressive medieval sites, vestiges of Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque or Modernism.

A vast heritage to be discovered in our interesting museums, castles, churches, monasteries, bridges, walls, theatres, streets, buildings, fountains and monuments. Besides, we have a literary route that will not disappoint you.


The culture of the area is closely linked to gastronomy. Local handmade products of exceptional quality that become authentic culinary delights, suitable for all palates: pork and its derivatives, especially our prestigious cold meat, cured and Catalan sausage, dairy products such as blue cheese, black truffles and mushrooms, honey, aromatic plants, garden products, Osona red wine or our famous sweets as the so-called “Pa de Pessic“.

If you like good food, you must try typical delicious dishes like “Alubias con Butifarra” (Catalan beans and sausages) or our great chefs’ innovative cuisine, within the regions varied offer of restaurants and gastronomic routes.

Traditional culture, fairs and markets:

Popular festivals are a cultural reflection of our friendly and welcoming people. Our traditions are exhibited in different cities and towns during all months of the year. Together with the numerous Trade Fairs and Markets, they become the vertebral axis of the region’s customs and commerce: the Mercadal in the heart of Vic, the Fair of the Chestnut in Viladrau, the Carnival of Torelló, the Feast of San Antonio Abad in Taradell, the Medieval Market in Santa Maria de Besora or the Mercè Fair in Calldetenes. You can check the calendar of activities in the links provided.

Natural heritage:

Osona is well kwon by its natural environment and beautiful protected areas such as the Montseny Natural Park, the Guilleries-Savassona Natural Space and the Montesquiu Castle Park. Of great natural value such as Ter River with its forests, meanders and islands inhabited by a varied fauna, the Lluçanès where we find the Merlès and Sorreigs rivers, their fascinating meadows, the monumental forests of the Grevolosa, the singular Sau Valley, the Collsabara cliffs, Puigsagordi Mountain with the via ferrata de las Baumes, from where you can see the impressive Plana de Vic, where “La Mama” is located.

Awake your senses and explore the treasures offered by our seductive nature.

Sports and activities:

Equally attractive is the offer of active tourism in the region: water sports in Sau Reservoir, amazing balloon flights, horseback or all-wheel riding, golf courses, karting, zip-line, archery, climbing.

We have beautiful trekking and mountain biking routes with different degrees of difficulty and mileage. We can start the adventure in the surroundings of La Mama: Creu de Gurb, San Roc Hermitage and Enchanted Forest, the local path of Granollers de la Plana and Santa Perpetua, or quietly pedal along one of the most outstanding routes.

And do not forget that we are located at:

– 70,6 Km from the Costa Brava
– 73.4 Km from the best ski slopes
– 73.9 Km from Barcelona